Rasim Aksan (b. 1984, Osmancık) lives and works in Istanbul. Aksan possesses an archive that is made up of thousands of images, compiled from the visual media and including photographs of everyday events he deemed as interesting and which he took himself. His works depict human figures and groups set in interiors. They question our social interactions, the way we form interpersonal relationships, and build socio-psychological structures in life. Various stories are depicted on them, ranging from ordinary events to erotic interactions, shrouded continuously in a veil of mystery due to their fragmental nature. In these paintings the spectator gives up his usual role of being a passive recipient and comes to subjective conclusions by enacting the presented events in his own mind. In his figurative and hyperrealist works produced by his technical skills and fine craftsmanship Aksan’s works on canvas are created by using oil and acrylic paint alongside calligraphy and marbling ink, with the latter applied by airbrush. His works on paper showcase the additional use of pencils and crayons and acrylic airbrush.