In his paintings Nuri Kuzucan explores intimate spaces and urban landscapes. He is concerned with how the modern city affects the dweller and unravels the solitude through abstract forms that resemble masses of concrete. Depicting imaginary spaces, Kuzucan makes his paintings by layering paint, starting with an arangement of small geometric pieces that end up creating a discernible whole. The artist expresses his reaction to modernism also in his choice of material: the paper tape he uses consolidates the impact he seeks to create upon the viewer. Kuzucan’s works have a fundamental context: to imagine a three-dimensional space within two-dimensional space, and he excels in doing this through his personal power of observation and a contemporary reflection on the culture of seeing.


“Open Space” (2004), “Traffic” (2006) and “Are you Happy?” (2008) introduced Kuzucan’s bewildering sense of perspective. In “Plan” (2010), the artist moved away from the more intimate wanderings in his earlier shows and presented a birds-eye view on to the city. His first solo show at Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong, “ISTHK / HKIST” showed how metropolises, from Istanbul to Hong Kong, have become signifiers and quantifiers of modern living. His second solo exhibition at the Edouard Malingue Gallery in Hong Kong “The Blissful Defect”(2016) built on the works from the first solo exhibition focusing on the appearance of the modern city and its anonymity. His first exhibition in Mainland China “Name”(2018) took a stronger look on the city of Istanbul and the understanding of its historical and cultural background. Last but not least, with his two year project titled "Open Space 2" (2020) Kuzucan tested the grounds for constructing a neutral plastic space through the his works and the names he invited to the time and space generated by the exhibition at GALERIST.


Nuri Kuzucan (b.1971) studied and majored in Painting and mastered in Social Sciences from the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in Istanbul. Kuzucan had multiple solo exhibitions in Istanbul and Hong Kong and participated in numerous group shows in Basel, Berlin and Dubai. Nuri Kuzucan’s work has been exhibited in public collections such as the Pera Museum in Istanbul and has been recently added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art Istanbul and the permanant contemporary art collection of the Vehbi Koç Foundation. In the event of his first solo show in Hong Kong, an extensive publication has been created on the artists work accompanied with texts by leading international commentators in the field of Contemporary Art. Key contributors include: Levent Calikoglu (Chief Curator, Museum of Modern Art Istanbul), Arianne Koek (CERN Residency Programme), HG Masters (Editor-at-large, Art Asia Pacific) and Bige Orer (Director, Istanbul Biennale).