Ayça Telgeren (b. 1975, Gölcük) focuses on sentiments, potentials, in betweens and the emotions that everybody intuitively knows and collectively feels, yet cannot define. The artist -starting with what is personal to her, her own archeology- tries to reach a pool of collective memory. Within the process, she defines herself more as an explorer rather than a constructor or an observer. Artist is widely known for her papercut works that she adopted as a natural form of expression in 2006. However Telgeren’s works show a wide variety of materials and techniques that shape according to the needs of her current subject matter, ranging from metal, gas concrete, concrete sculptures, to video and peinture.


Telgeren completed her BA and MA in Painting at Mimar Sinan Faculty of Fine Arts. Having participated in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally, she has been a part of HAH artist collective since 2017. The artist currently lives and works in Istanbul.